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January 20, 2019 3 min read


Kindness. It is a crucial part of the legacy you are building. You want to achieve greatness, but it is so important to do it by being a good guy. Have zero interest in building the biggest building by tearing other people down.

The problem is that most people see kindness as a weakness. They confuse it with being passive or being a pushover. The truth is people who view kindness as a negative are just insecure themselves. You can only be kind if you feel that you’re coming from a place of leverage.

That is why kindness as a massive advantage, not a passive trait — especially if you are a naturally “tough” person.

As you go through your own life, you will realize more and more how kindness is such a big part of the equation. It is not just about sales and negotiation. It is not just about doing what you love. It is not just about hustle.

That is why It breaks my heart that so many people think “nice guys finish last.”

People do not get that kindness is the best business strategy. Here is why:



If you give value to someone else first in business, you will always have the leverage.

It is the sole reason why you should give 51% of the value in every relationship. It is why you should deploy compassion when people are mean. It is why you should make time to interview for small podcasts and blogs (even though people will tell you it is stupid).

But let us be clear: Do not be Mother Teresa.

The more you give, The more emotional capital you build, And the more your reputation grows. If you want to, You can cash in on that — Like when you have a massive launch coming up or want to get to the next level in your career.

Secondly, You never know where the people you impact are going to end up. As they get more opportunity in their own lives, They might end up as the CEO of a big company, Or some other influential position — And that connection could end up being super valuable in some way.

Even if they do not have a “high status” job, that “karma” from being kind could come back to you in a different way.

You never know what opportunities you would get behind your back by being a good person. You would never know what kind of opportunities you would lose by being a bad person.



Kindness always gets rewarded. Somebody is always watching.

People take notice when you deploy kindness and at some point, Your life will be affected because of it.

Even if you are in a confined space, Talking to only one other person, That person will know when you are being kind. Especially if they are not expecting it.

Even if they are mean to you in the short term, You never know — They might change their character 10 years later. They might become a different person. And when they do, They will remember what kind of person you were.

The reality is, The amount of opportunity gained by good people because of their kindness is enormous.

Think about it. How many times have you done something that has affected a person their life entirely based on how you felt about them?

It happens all the time.

Counterintuitively, The biggest reason you are able to be so kind and generous to other is that you should have zero expectation of getting anything in return. Do not expect anyone to reciprocate, and that is exactly what will allow you to keep on giving.

When you come from that place, You will get more opportunities than you know what to do with.

Today Is Your Day.

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