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Look at the place you are sitting right now. Walls, windows, chairs. Depends. Five, ten years down the road, this place could be remembered as your favorite stepping stone. A crucial turning point in your road to greatness.

Going after what you want is by no means easy. Life is short, but nights can be long. The times when you work what seems like twice as many hours as you would in a “normal job”. But settling into a safe 9-5 never really got anybody anywhere.


Motivation is a tricky thing. A duality to the root.

  •   There is the surging motivational feeling: Fire-in-the-belly feeling to get up and do something!
  •   There is also the steady motivation: Eyes on the prize and feet on the road.

Both are crucial to success. Yet you can imagine which one is responsible for getting people further.

Years are made of months. Months: weeks. Weeks, days, hours, minutes, ad infinitum. Oftentimes motivation, like time, is made of the little things. Tiny decisions you make, choices towards greatness. A look into the mirror thinking “I have not done enough. I am not who I could be!”

Thus you make that little decision. Get up, And get moving. Then keep moving.

There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” - Nelson Mandela




Being in the right environment is one of the major keys to your productivity. Your social sphere, daily routine, your workspace. It is the pavement on your tenacious road towards greatness. Most importantly, it is YOURS.

Designing and energizing your workplace, increases productivity by 32%! - Forbes

Forbes recently wrote about the multi-layered productivity experiment done by Exeter University’s School of Psychology. The results? Participants who were able to self-design and “enrich” their office spaces saw the greatest uptick in productivity. Up to 32%!

Why? Creating your own workspace creates a mixture of ownership and creativity. Every time you take a momentary breather from the hustle and the grind, you are surrounded by a world you built. The start of your empire.

So you have your artwork sitting up on your wall. It never fails to inspire or motivate you. Besides being as cool as it gets, it is always there to remind you who you are: The “who” that you are striving to build.

Your thoughts drift back to the day you made that commitment to your artwork. That electrical rush of claiming. YOU KNOW that you are not going to let that moment down. That surge of motivation was not empty. Because you are going to put the work in.

Go Get 'Em Tiger.

Today Is Your Day,

Win All Day.