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January 20, 2019 2 min read



65 years old. That is how old Colonel Sanders was when he turned a $105 Social Security check into a global chicken empire up until his death at the age of 90.
Isn't that amazing? Do you have a dream that has yet to be realized?

It is never too late, Never give up!



I am completely confused and blown away by people their lack of ability to understand how long life is; how long the game is and that you still have time.

You can do it. Sidney Frank created Grey Goose at 72 years old. 72!

How old are you?

I mean you could literally do nothing for the next 18 years, do nothing, NOTHING, and then start the thing that puts you on the map. You should understand the world we live in. The other group of people are the 24, 25, 26-year-olds who now are a year or two, Or three, Or four into their career, And for some reason, They have decided that is it. It is completely and utterly insane to me.

The internet has made it possible for your thing to go from zero to one hundred. The internet does not care! The game is LONG. The opportunities are endless. Optimism is the secret to capitalizing on this opportunity and that is where you need to live.



You need to figure out how good it really is and how many opportunities you have.

Most of all, how much time you have. I know for a fact, somebody is going to DM and be “What if I die tomorrow?” Then you die tomorrow. The thought of factoring in the most extreme outcomes is completely irrelevant. What more interesting is the fact that people tend to be so good at excuses that the reason they decide not to start is because a tree may fall on your fucking head tomorrow is mind-blowing.

The point is you really have got time. But you have got to do the tried and true thing. When you realize you have it, then all of the sudden you begin to buy into patience. Patience is practical. Why patience? Patience is essential because life is long. 

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