January 20, 2019 4 min read


If you are constantly overthinking everything, This is for you!

Truth is, ''Not getting started'', Procrastinating, And ''Wasting time'' Is a byproduct of something bigger and deeper.

For some people, It is because they are too afraid of other people their opinions or their own judgement of themselves. Other might not actually be confident about what they are doing, Or what they are aspiring to do in their business or career.

In 2019 we are on a mission to expose the truth about procrastination as it is way deeper than just ''being lazy'', Follow the following 4 major keys to start doing & get shit done in 2019!




You never really know whether you are making the right move or not.

I find a tremendous amount of freedom in knowing this. You will never know the alternative of whatever choice you make, So there is no reason whatsoever to overthink.

Ultimately, What matters most is speed. Speed trumps everything.

Most successful leaders are in their day-to-day moving unbelievably fast. They are quick with their clients, Quick in hiring and more importantly quick in saying ''Yes'' to new ideas and trying new things.

Too many people are crippled by whether they are making the right hire, Choosing the right job, Or picking the right strategy.

My advice to those people?

Instead of trying to make perfect decisions, create more opportunities.

Create more 10-15 minute meetings to open the gateway to new relationships. Run more marketing tests to give you the opportunity to find a strategy that works. Create the “Volume” You need to give you a better shot at finding those opportunities that will lead to success and happiness instead of debating what is going to work.



Too many people use being a “Perfectionist” as an excuse to procrastinate. 

They have an “All or nothing” mentality and want to make sure it is done “Right” and thought through before they make any moves.

If you keep debating between several different options, The answer is pretty simple:

Just pick one.



If several options seem good, Try them all. 

But for a lot of people, The problem goes much deeper.

People are “Perfectionists” because they are insecure. A lot of times, They are not sure if they are actually good at the thing they say they are good at. Maybe they are afraid of other people their judgement or they are worried about how they will judge themselves.

This is the real reason most people procrastinate. They waste time or are not motivated because of a deep lack of self-esteem, Insecurity, And fear of other people their opinions. Most of these people do not need another productivity tactic. They need to build up their mental strength.



This principle is key as you create ''Pillars'' in your career that you can rely on. For you, It might be a full-time job while you work on different side hustles. If you are young, It might just be trying out different jobs, Internships, Or traveling to figure out what you like. It might be a core revenue stream for your business while you try out other ones.

Too many people have a lot of side dishes, But no burger. Because of that, a lot of them are not in a place mentally where they can absorb the losses that come from bad decisions, Which is why they get slow.

When you have a core pillar that supports you financially, You are more willing to micro-fail when it comes to trying other things. Ultimately, That means you go faster.



Be okay with making mistakes when making decisions. Even the most successful entrepreneurs get so many things wrong.

Gary passed on Uber twice in the angel round because he just bought a new apartment.  If he had just stayed in my original apartment for one more year (instead of buying a new one), He probably would have made that investment, and today he would have an extra $400 million.

That was a major loss.

But he is okay with losing for two reasons:

First of all, He simply does not care what you think about his loss. Gary his L is his L. It has nothing to do with anyone else. He just does not care about what anyone else thinks about it as he does not value another his opinion over his own because they do not have full context.

Second, Gary knows his intent is in the right place.

Intent is the “North Star” of every decision you should make. As long as your intention is in the right place, You have won.

I implore you all to get really self-aware about why you procrastinate… Why you have a hard time putting in the work… And why you are not executing faster. In a lot of cases, It goes deeper than laziness.

Once you figure that out, You are already halfway home!

Today Is Your Day,

Win All Day.