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January 14, 2019 3 min read



Most of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world did not necessarily start out with a grand vision. They started with an idea and an action. Bezos did not set out to build Amazon, he started by selling books online. Zuckerberg did not set out at 18 to build Facebook. He built a tool for his college that later became the thing. It was an idea with massive action.. Constant iteration and execution. It was reacting to the market and tripling down on success. The vision came after.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an artist or someone who wants to be a number 2, number 27 or number 47, I believe the reality is exposed. For me, at a macro, it has been one long game of self-awareness. The more I understand myself, the more I try to put myself in a position to succeed.

When you execute with massive action you will realize that success compounds on itself, and as you gain more confidence, you continually gain more momentum. Doing was always my best strategy. I built my vision through taking action. One day at a time. The hard work, the hustle and the grind.



So if there is anything I can instill through this article it’s not that vision is somehow bad or irrelevant but that it is actually OKAY if you are not starting from that place. You can always execute and figure things out later. I strongly believe that so many people are crippled by “I do not have the right idea yet” or “I do not know where I want to end up” but the truth is, it simply does not really matter. Vision is always built by taking massive determined action. One of my favorite examples I like to use is Sam Walton, who started Walmart at 44. It just goes to show that you can literally suck shit, do nothing for the next 15 years.. NOTHING and then build the thing that puts you on the map. It is really that simple.

It is action, constantly being in motion. Everyday, always, forever.

The strategy? It came all directly from opportunity. It came from action. Do work. Do work. Do work and your vision will develop itself through your actions.

So that’s where the two align. Through action comes vision and through vision comes action. It all just builds on each other.




Most great entrepreneurs, subtly have some greater vision but what you should know is that you will probably are going to zig and zag to your grand vision and there are going to be 857 things that you are going to help you get there. Be okay with being okay that you going to have to be comfortable in the unknown, which will help you greatly to navigate towards success.

It is the obsession of the unknown and the acceptance of the unknown that will allow you to navigate within it.



However, you have to realize that constantly focussing on the macro has its grave dangers as you will underrate the micro-strategy as you will be too worried about your years while continuing to waste your days. It is all execution. You have to do. You have to move insanely fast in the micro and be insanely patient in the macro.

The key is to know that. You cannot put yourself in a position where you have golden handcuffs. Where you limit yourself to what you can actually do. The key is to understand that things always change, and if you do not recognize that, you are going to miss what is next.

Vision means nothing if you do not take massive determined action. But always let your action inform your vision because at the end of the day…

The strategy is the strategy, until it is not. 

Today Is Your Day.

Win All Day.